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Sustainable Development

       Cork works hand in glove against global warming and climate change. Cork naturally absorbs and stocks as much as twice to 5 times the amount of carbon dioxide than wood! (CO² is agrued to be the most important greenhouse gas, responsible for climate change). Cork has a 'positive' carbon footprint, because it stores more carbon than it produces! This is a crucial element of choice for eco-responsible materials.


CO² emissions

What was the UN Conference on Climate Change in PARIS ?



  • Cork does not rot and is thus very durable. Once ondeck, it is there forever. It can be replaced easily when it is damaged by accident. Cork constitutes a permanent and unlimited carbon stocking device. More and more cork oaks are being planted in the western mediterranean. A very effectif and durable tool to fight global warming.


  • Cork is naturally hypoallergic, antibacterial and antifungal.

  • Its flexibility and thermal stability comfort long standing periods and contribute to the well-being of your feet, your articulations and spine.




  • Cork oaks are debarked every 9 years. This does not harm the tree but stimulates its cork bark growth. This preserves the tree which can produce cork for over 180 years.

  • The exploitation of cork oak forests is monitored by the FSC. Forests ('suberaies') harbour a rich biodiversity and constitutes an essential link in the ecosystems of the productive régions.

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