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SEACORK® is a cost-effective alternative. Fitting is efficient and quick. Time-consuming lifting of the teak deck is not necessary because the existing deck is rendered waterproof by the application itself.

Lifting winches, rails and pulleys is generally avoided because the new cork deck goes around.


No special maintenance is required. It washes easily with sea water or sope water and hard brush if necessary (no Kärcher, please!).


Under UVs cork develops its own protective skin of three hundred microns (300μ). This golden/white sheath is even more antislip and protects from the harsh sun and seas.


Its flexibility and lightness greatly simply and shorten installation ondeck. It weighs only 3.2kgs/m² (against 6 for synthetic woods and 9 for real teak!)



SEACORK® is made in France and garanteed 5 years. Installed, the cost is equal to synthetic woods but with numerous advantages. It is half the cost of a teak deck of similar quality. In both cases the crucial differences are security, comfort & performance.

SEACORK® will outlast the yacht's life.

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