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Please send us the following details in the form below:


+  your situation, individual or professional: boat owner, shipyard, distributor, outside EU, etc.

+  the surfaces to be fitted (m² rounded up), the number of special pieces, if any

+  the deck plan in PDF format 1:1 (to exact scale)

+  the style adopted per surface: straight, border or curved; with logos or designs?

+  the location of the boat

+  the planned date for the works

Seacork®Deck is fitted directly on level, grease-free and clean surfaces: plyboards, wood & teak, gelcoat, imitation teak in PVC and polyester, aluminium and steel.


Seacork®Deck is made in France and guaranteed 5 years

Surface preparation is not included and may entail additional costs


Urgent work is accepted on a case to case basis and billed separately


A visit to the boat and /or photos and a printable PDF format (1:1) to scale plans are necessary


Vos informations ont bien été envoyées ! Your information has been sent!

     We are growing fast and want to offer our clientele our best prices. Retail prices are here . Final costs can vary according to the complexity of the work at hand: special pieces, systematic peripheral joints, deck preparation, shipping and travel expenses). Here is some of our work:

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