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The onboard damp proofing cork spraypaint  


COLOUR CHART - interior hull & cabin cork lining

TEMPERATURE: OUT -30,3°, IN +12,6°




Cork Interior Hull Lining

Cork & Boats: hand in hand in history

Our cork lining is designed to be sprayed directly to interior hulls of boats, yachts, ships and round the world racing boats. In this sector, this innovative product is applied to the hull, the living spaces and different compartments of the vessel to stop condensation and insulate from both temperature extremes and sound. It is very effective against noise vibration from engine rooms.


Our cork lining has equiped the exploration vessel ECOTROLL for its maiden voyage Lyon-Groenland-Lyon in March 2010, to prevent condensation and humidity onboard. You can find testimonies from Philippe Poupon et Pierre Sauvadet, unconditional users of our cork lining on our page REFERENCES.




  • Total break of thermal bridges

  • Immediate elimination of onboard condensation and humidity

  • Thermal insulation from exteme hot & cold

  • Sound-proofing and vibration nuisance elimination

  • Saving on interior hull lining, because it is used as final lining




  • Sprayed on any sound surfaces: wood, steel, aluminium, polyester, composites

  • Quick to apply, thin coats can be added to desired thickness

  • Eco-friendly product, made exclusively from recycled wine cork tops

  • Conditioned in pots, ready to spray

  • Economical & durable: cannot rot, lasts the vessel's life, can be added to (extra coats, decoration), compatible with all materials, fire retardant

  • used for exterior & interior walls as a thermal corrector and condensation suppressor, in kitchens and bathrooms, saunas, hammans





PHILLIPE POUPON (world class navigator)

PIERRE SAUVADET (scientific explorator)

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