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Fleur Australe

    "...20 metres long "Fleur Australe" was designed by world renown french naval architect Joubert for polar expeditions. She was built at Méta shipyards, a specialist in heavy duty aluminium hulls. When we got the raw hull, we sprayed the interior completely with sprayed-on SUBERMARINE cork ligning. The application was fairly easy to undertake with the spray gun... By far the best advantage of this product is that it insulates every nook and cranny of the interinor hull, as in alu boats, a lot of corners are difficult to reach. Not with sprayed-on cork lining! Lots of places, like lockers (even the chain lockers), piloting  areas and tecnical rooms are only covered with cork ligning: no condensation, no thermal bridges and no 'chill' effect'. This is a total succes and a very laudable progress in alu and steel vessel insulation. "




Born on 23 october 1954 in Quimper, western France, Poupon was a team member of 

Éric Tabarly on Pen Duick VI, notably during the 1973-1974 and 1978 Whitbread Round the World Race.

He remains one of the world's most titled navigators, winning the 1982, 85 and 95 with 3 Figaro race.

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