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Plage arriere, Marseille France



"We are highly satisfied, cork is comfortable, we don't slide even with wet feet ! The look is great and it's a natural product ! "


Christian. B, Marseille, April 2021

DAYSAILER Bremen, Germany

Onboard Comfort, integrity & Security

©2018-2020 LiègeMarine Seacork®

Liège Marine SAS is a French company marketing, commercialising, selling, pre-fabricating and fitting SEACORK®DECK decking all over the French mediterranean and abroad.

SEACORK® is manufactured in France from virgin portuguese cork, by the same high-tech agglomerator who manufactures elements of the Ariane 5 for the European Space Agency. It is agglomerated under pressure to resist the most demanding marine environments for very long periods.  SEACORK®DECK provides highest security and unequalled performance*.


For over 18 years Yacht captains, navigators, fishing professionnals, yachtmen testproove this world unique & magical material with great satisfaction.

To this day, more than 18 000 m² SEACORK®DECK sails around the globe.


Its softness and insulating properties bring happiness to your feet. Its antislip nature ensures the safety of family and crew. Its organic aspect and golden tint is elegant: it fits right into your design options.


SEACORK®DECK is environmentally friendly, made in France and garanteed 5 years.


Bring a natural solution to ondeck pleasure.

* Some materials have hoped to imitate the marine qualities of SEACORK®DECK but after rigourous scientific analysis it has been demonstrated that they can only meet the demands of the building industry for indoor use.

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