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Liège projeté pour vaigrage


Sprayed-on in-hull interior lining



Navigator / Explorator

A revolution in naval construction and boat building


"...there are still true revolutions in the world of boat building. For me, as for all who sailed aboard Aurora Magnetica, SuberMarine sprayed-on cork interior lining is one of them. I am particularly happy to write these words.

Following three atlantic crossings and especially two long wintering stints in the heart of Arctica n demanding conditions I still thank every day the inventor of this unique product. Sprayed on the entire interior hull directly after metal work was completed at the Meta Shipyards its effect was immedidiate and powerful: an amazing silence in the h&ull!, no resounding nuisance anymore!

In an empty hull 20 metres long, this was a first! After a while and after daily use, other advantages appeared. The 'cold partition effect' disappeared completely, the boat was dry, whatever the outside conditions. No condensation, not a drop of water running down. In order to comprehend these exploits, best to compare with housing windows. For all who have experienced it, the difference between single glazed and quality double glazed windows is self-evident, in summer or in winter. The same thing happens with this sprayed-on cork lining. After the original carpentry refitting, some sawdust had been left behind at the bottom of the boat. Three years later, this sawdust is still there, light and dry, ready to be vacummed cleaned. But I leave it to my visitors to experience how amazing this cork lining really is!

Questions of first time visitors are numerous, because this steel boat is like no other. An immediate sensation of sain dryness, no odor and a seemingly auto-regulated temperature strike. SUBERMARINE brings incredible thermal and acoustic comfort. Being the first one to use this product on a construction of this size, I had no references, no one to ask my questions to. I took the risk and I won. I was so flabbergasted that I stopped in Sevilla, Spain to meet its inventor and give them another order: this cork has multiple uses. For instance, in have used it for indoor fixtures, ceilings and engin room pertitionning. Icing on the cake: SUBERMARINE is pretty to look at and does not burn! It offers good fire resistance, which pros will appreciate. The finish is immediate and excellent. This material is absorbant. It tackles engines noises seriously, which, if not eliminated altogeter now seem very far away. Comfortable quietness aboard. Is this Luxury? No need for complexe instrumentation to measure the difference: we see it, we feel it, we hear it, immediately.

At a time of mre and more complexity, this new product is most amazing: so simple, so self-evident. So, you have got it: I am an enconditional lver of SUBERMARINE. It has brought real value to Aurora Magnetica and makes it a unique boat. I value my words. From the hershest heat waves of Venezuela during our tests til the biting cold of the northern ocean, this insulator has given us comfort we thought impossible onboard any boat. For us, living in the vand this is why I am so happy to write this testimonial."

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